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The Leadership Studies Program at Hardin-Simmons University is a multi-disciplinary academic minor with students and faculty from all areas of campus.  All organizations throughout society need vibrant and effective leadership.  They require leaders who have the insight to identify opportunities and threats and the abilities to rally others around them in pursuit of a common cause. 

Leadership studies students study the rules, principles, and theories of leadership in a diverse set of academic courses.  From traditional management and organization theory to entrepreneurship and venture creation, students are exposed to many of the same concepts that are taught in business schools and touted by business consultants.  In addition, leadership studies students also examine the concepts of leadership, teamwork, and organization from a liberal arts perspective.  Leadership in theatre, critical thinking and problem solving, ethics, leadership in film, great leaders of history, cults and charismatic leaders, and quantitative analysis classes help introduce core concepts in different ways.

As with tennis, racquetball, golf, karate, and other skill-based sports, true proficiency in leadership is developed from more than just a formal study of concepts.  To excel in sports and leadership, students must practice their games with the intention of getting better.  Leadership studies students practice developing leadership and organization skills in a number of workshop and skills classes.  Skill-based courses include model united nations, creativity, outdoor leadership, leading teams, and a variety of leadership workshop and travel classes.  Students also develop skills and confidence through a variety of out-of-class and extracurricular activities.  The bike ride across Texas is a workshop class--it gives students a chance to practice implementing what they learn in their classes while carrying out a real project.

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